Saturday, 16 January 2016


Spinning is EVIL. Seriously. My first "Beginner Spin and Tone" class was on Thursday and everything still aches. Oh, and those really uncomfy looking bicycle seats? Yeah. they're really uncomfy. 

Moaning and sulking aside, I really enjoyed it. It was really tough and I struggled much more than I thought I would but it was satisfying to get to the end of the class and still be able to breathe and talk. We started out with the "spin" bit which involved sprinting, hills and cycling with one leg at a time (yay...not). Then we moved on to the "tone" bit which involved getting some little pink baby weights (cause I am weak and couldn't face the slightly heavier purple ones) and doing some bicep curls and some tricep something-elses. Oh and this other one which made my arms and my abs hurt. I say abs, I mean my non-defined stomach area that someday very far away may develop something remotely resembling abs. 

All in all I wouldn't call it a pleasant experience but I felt good after (mentally, physically not so much) and it was good to see everyone else panting and puffing too. Plus, one of the girls from my Tuesday run club was also there so I have someone to sit next to during class and moan to after. Other than all of you of course. The four of you that actually read my blog that is. (Hi mum and dad!).


  1. Am I number 5??? lol

    I have never had the courage to go spinning, I'm not great with an exercise bike and I've heard they are REALLY tough going. But I know what you mean about loving it even though you hate it at the same time. Maybe next week will be easier?

    1. Haha, yes you probably are lol. I really hope it gets easier but I have a feeling it's going to be one of those gradual acclimatisations where it hurts for ages and then one day in the distant future you realise that at some point it stopped hurting!