About Ashley

Hi, my name is Ashley. This is a blog about my journey from zero exercise to marathon runner. Starting from nothing and with one goal in mind: to have entered and run in a marathon by this time next year.

In case you're hoping to find an awesomely inspiring "I did it!" post somewhere on here, I feel like I should let you know that you will be joining me on my journey. Meaning I am still far from running a marathon. But just think, when I do get there, it will have been a group effort! You know, the kind of group effort where one person does all the legwork. Literally.

It is going to be tough and look nothing like any of the fitness/sports gear adverts you see on telly (no one looks that good sweaty, let's be honest) but it will be real and honest and maybe, just maybe, a bit fun.

This time next year I hope to fill this page with an inappropriately large photo of me with my marathon finisher's medal around my neck.

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